Watch TV Everywhere

AMU Dynamic TV customers can watch their favorite networks live or on-demand with Watch TV Everywhere. All you need is Internet access to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Over 80 networks are available through Watch TV Everywhere. You must be a Dynamic TV subscriber with Expanded Basic or Ultimate Basic service to gain access to Watch TV Everywhere.

Watch TV Everywhere is at

How register for Watch TV Everywhere: 

1. To register your account for Watch TV Everywhere, select NICP as your provider in the TV provider dropdown.  Y

2. Under Subscriber Validation:

      a. Add your Dynamic TV account number under "Account Number" (You need to request this account number from AMU.)
      b. Type in your last name and first initial. Make sure you put a space between the last name and first initial.

3. New User Information:
      a. Type in your first name
      b. Type in your last name
      c. Type in the email address that you wish to use for Watch TV Everywhere. This will be your username to sign in for Watch TV Everywhere.
      d. Confirm your email.
      e. Type in your password for Watch TV Everywhere. It must contain at least 8 characters, including UPPER/lowercas and numbers.
      d. Confirm your password.

After you click the register button, you will receive an email with a Watch TV Everywhere link. Please click on the link to complete your registration.  Once completed, it may take up to 24 hours before you can login to your Watch TV Everywhere account with your email address and password.

When signing into Watch TV Everywhere, you will login using NICP as your provider, your email as your username, and your password. Some providers may require you to login to obtain access to their app. You will use NICP as your provider, your email, and your password to login. 

If you have questions, contact the AMU Communications Department.