Customer Proprietary Network Information, or CPNI, is information relating to a customer's communication service that only the customer or your provider possess. The Federal Government requires all providers and customers to follow the rules in order to protect customers' CPNI Information. Examples of CPNI include current billing charges, local and long distance billing records, class of service, the type of line, usage data, and calling patterns, broadband service plans, IP address, domain names, and traffic statistics.

In our office, AMU staff can only discuss CPNI Information with the customer of record or persons designated by the customer of record. Customers will be asked to show a photo ID when they have questions relating to their account. If the customer calls by phone, AMU staff will be required to authenticate the caller as customer of record either by a pre-designated question, having the AMU staff member call the customer back at the telphone number on their account, or AMU can mail the information to the address of record.

Please contact AMU at 295-3584 or stop at our office at 104 W. Call Street, Algona, if you need additional information on our Phone & Broadband Security Rules - CPNI. You may fill out a CPNI form as a Residential or Business customer by clicking on link below.