Algona Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets at least once a month at the Algona Municipal Utilities office meeting room. For information regarding the Board of Trustees meeting times and dates, call (515) 295-3584, or go to Upcoming Events. The meetings are open to the public at the following address.

Algona Municipal Utilities
104 West Call Street
Algona, Iowa 50511

Members of the AMU Board of Trustees are appointed on rotating six year terms by the Mayor of Algona and ratified by the Algona City Council. Members of the board include:

Name Title Term Expires
Julie Murphy Chairperson May 31, 2025
Mike Sabin Trustee May 31, 2024
Jay B. Geving Trustee May 31, 2027
Karen Schaaf Trustee May 31, 2026
Donald Heupel Trustee May 31, 2028
Robert Harrington Secretary 2022 - Present
John Bilsten General Manager 1999 - Present