Algona Municipal Utilities

"Community Owned for Community Benefit"

Algona Municipal Utilities is your community owned water, electric and communications utility.  The City of Algona owns and operates its water, electric and communications utilities through an independent entity called Algona Municipal Utilities.  Algona Municipal Utilities is under the management of a five member Board of Trustees.  Trustees are appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval of the City Council, and serve 6 year staggered terms.  The daily operations of Algona Municipal Utilities (“AMU”) are directed by a General Manager assisted by a professional staff.  The Municipal Water Utility was established in 1889; the Municipal Electric Utility was established in 1898; and the Municipal Communications Utility was established in 1997.

Algona Municipal Utilities is part of a nationwide network of community owned utilities with a goal to provide high quality, reliable, cost effective services to our consumer owners.  Algona Municipal Utilities is committed to the Algona area that we serve with decisions made to benefits our consumer owners.